Change your life and your business with these 6 tips!

Have you ever opened your eyes to your alarm in the morning and thought, “Noooooooooooo!” I know I have! Haha. I’m sure we all have at some point. If it’s happening regularly though, we have a problem. At the very least I will say you are NOT living up to your potential, and therefore neither is your team! So let’s fix this with these 6 tips that will change your life, and therefore, your business!

I have gone through some periods during the pandemic where I felt very low and lost motivation. I missed my friends and family, especially our little nieces and nephews, and our social life. During that depressing time, when my alarm went off, I thought about shutting if off and spending the whole day in bed (which is entirely possible with our extremely blacked-out bedroom, and our incredibly comfortable bed).

BUT, I changed a few things, and remembered and went back to a few others, and now I’m BOUNCING out of bed again (and excited for even Monday mornings)!

Here are my tips, please, use them! Your team, your clients, and your business need you. Heck, YOU need you! Don’t let yourself live unhappily! Take control of your life and learn to LOVE every day. Be grateful for the great honour it is to be a business owner, living in this amazing country, and the opportunities they afford us.

My 6 BEST motivational tips:

1. Use a REALLY awesome song that makes you dance in your bed before you even open your eyes, for your alarm. Check out this blog post by Tiffany Colvert  for a list of songs to get pumped up to that “Aren’t the eye of the tiger.” 

2. Review and update your mission statement if necessary, so it is really motivating, and really true. Post it, and bring the team’s attention back to it often. Do the same with your vision and culture statements! You can make it a RULE that everyone is happy, kind, positive, and solution-focused! Because who wants to go to work in a business that doesn’t have those rules? Make your business (work) awesome for everyone!

3. Practice the 4 Gs every morning, and write them down for extra “oomph.”

*Gratitude – write down at least 3 things you are currently grateful for.

*Get some – sunlight, music, dancing, coffee, or whatever it is that makes you HAPPY in the morning.

*Goal – write down a goal you have for today, this month, this year, or this decade. Identifying a goal you can keep in your mind throughout the day will subconsciously attract all of the things you need to achieve it!

*Going to be. Who are you going to be today? As a wife, husband, business owner, leader, friend, neighbour, person, how will you show up?

4. Meditate. Nothing clears your head and makes room for the important things the way meditating does. Nothing helps you feel good, and have an intentional day the way meditating does. You can even do a guided mediation if you find it too difficult to focus on the noise of a fan, or something else monotonous. Do this for 15-20 minutes. Do it every day for 30 days. Enjoy a brand new and amazing sense of peace, calm, and empowerment.

5. If you’re currently participating in any unhealthy habits (wine anyone?) and you KNOW that if you stopped, you’d feel way better every day… STOP IT. It can be hard to STOP something, it’s much easier to START something else, and replace the bad habit with a good one! Drinking wine every night? Plan a walk in that time slot with a friend or mentor who makes you feel inspired!

6. Finally, make SURE you are part of a community that lifts you up, cheers you on, and helps find you the resources you need to achieve your goals!  *We have an awesome community like this where I go live and train on the topics the group members request, EVERY WEEK! We also answer your questions, act as your business guides, and I guarantee you’ll find camaraderie, inspiration, and valuable experience from the other entrepreneurs in the group, as well. Join our VIP group and let our community lift you up today! 

I know these 6 tips will change your life and your business if you really work on them! Do them and PLEASE SHARE the great results you get with us on social media! We want to cheer you on!

With appreciation, gratitude, and excitement,


Remember, business can be better™, and it should be!

Business can be better™ and it should be!

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Kelli-Rae Tamaki

Kelli-Rae is truly passionate about successful business, and believes it can always be better, which is why she has spent 22 years studying, running, coaching and consulting with businesses, just like yours.