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What I Learned From Fainting Last Week

Feel good. The rest will come.

This week, I want to share something very personal with you, in hopes that it will help you and your business. Last week after having what seemed like a cold (including fainting spells) for six weeks, I went to see my doctor. As I was being led to the room where I would see the…

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Get Better Results in Your Business

You have to change to get better results

I know that there are way too many books, videos, blogs, courses and posts about leadership to count. But I’ve found through my own experience—owning, running and coaching businesses—that only one characteristic is the most important if you want to get better results. Without this characteristic, none of the others matter. And, with this characteristic,…

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Create a Better Company Culture and Business

Good company culture starts at the top

Company culture is a big key to success in business. I have personally seen businesses succeeding beyond all likely parameters solely because of their great cultures. I have also seen incredibly talented teams doing a terrible job at turning a profit because of their negative culture. There is no question: culture is extremely important in…

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The 3 Components to Master for an INCREDIBLE Business

Put these 3 components together for business success

The 3 components of a successful business are: 1. Brilliant Leadership 2. Effective Marketing & Sales 3. Financial Mastery If you’re not working on these three hugely important pieces of your business, you’re missing out on a lot of: Happiness and fulfillment for clients, staff, yourself and your family, The satisfaction that comes from a well-run…

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The Best Marketing Advice Is FREE!

You are your own best marketer!

So many of us are consumed by testing out Facebook ads, analyzing the possible effectiveness of a radio ad, or telling the newspaper ad salesman we’re too busy to meet, that we forget about the most important part of our brands: THE WAY YOU TREAT YOUR CLIENTS and THE QUALITY of the PRODUCTS/SERVICES YOU DELIVER.  The customer service…

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Get Better Results by Asking Better Questions

Ask better questions to get better results

When my one-on-one clients ask better questions, they get better results. There are so many small ways that a business (and its business owner) improve through working with us one on one. Many of those changes are so subtle I don’t even notice them. But once in a while, a client shows such progress, that…

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Your Customers Run Your Show… But Not Really

Make good decisions based on your customers' needs

Our customers are the REASON we are in business. They literally PAY OUR BILLS. And yet, many business owners/leaders make decisions without even considering their customers’ opinions. This is a mistake and can cost you a lot of business. The most obvious one we’ve seen is the hours of operation. The rebellious, slightly offended voice…

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What You’re Doing That’s DESTROYING Your Productivity

Don't let notifications distract you

You are probably being bombarded constantly by notifications. Between your phone, your computer and possibly a tablet or a smartwatch, you’re probably at the mercy of different types and sources of notifications. All. Day. Long. This is not good for your bottom line!!! I made the switch to NO NOTIFICATIONS about three years ago and it…

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4 Ways to Lead Your Staff Successfully Through Change

Work with your team to inspire them

Your Staff Needs Leadership During Change! Change is happening all the time, especially in business. There are new social media platforms, new rules for those platforms, new competitors, new markets, globalization, new software, new policies and procedures, and myriad other changes happening all the time. Your staff needs your leadership most during these changing times. Said…

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You Don’t Need to Spend More on Advertising!

Until you know what brings in your sales, don't waste money on advertising

You can spend all the money in the world on advertising, but if you don’t fix your internal processes, you’re just throwing that money away. There are several internal processes we need to create, systemize and/or improve, to ensure that the leads you have coming in are capitalized on.  You must TRACK THE DATA on your…

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