Business Accelerator Program

Increase Your Profit, Joy and Freedom

Have you ever felt stuck?

Have you ever felt overwhelmed, or confused about which task is higher priority than the other thousands of tasks? Have you ever hoped to KNOW how to make your marketing WORK and MAKE you money, not cost you money? Have you ever been confused about how to improve your profit based on your financial statements? Have you ever felt like you don’t know what to do as a leader, with your team, with clients, with tough situations? Every entrepreneur has.

You don't have to stay stuck!!

We have seen incredible results with each of our clients; business owners experience increased profits and systemization in their business, and more time off to enjoy life with their loved ones. Best of all they feel in control, understand the priorities and how to create the profit and freedom they’ve always wanted.

We will create this dream business together, in a customized training program built specifically for you and your business needs, challenges, and goals.

We will teach you to master your financials, your sales and marketing, and your leadership. We will teach you how to have a more profitable, systemized, ENJOYABLE business!

Remember, Business Can Be Better™ and it should be!

What's included

In this program you’ll have access to our experts as well as your very own online learning portal (with tons of awesome videos, courses, and worksheets) where you can choose to learn as quickly as you’d like, or do the suggested assignments week-by-week. In the exclusive Facebook group, you can ask questions and interact live with Kelli-Rae and other successful business owners who are part of the group. We are here for you on your journey to mastering your financials, marketing and leadership. We are here to help you hit your goals!

Launch calls with a member of Team TMH to assess your business and plan your path.

In-depth business assessment that pinpoints areas of your business needing attention first

Access to an online learning portal with video lessons, tips and courses that you can work through at your own pace.

Membership in an exclusive Facebook group so you can ask any questions you’d like and learn from and with other exceptional business leaders.

Downloadable worksheets, resources and templates.

Weekly accountability so we can celebrate with you and motivate you.

Access to Team TMH during business hours.

Weekly actionable improve-your-business-today tips delivered to your inbox.

Hear From Business Owners We've Helped

"When it comes to business coaching there are so many business's and people you can choose from but nothing and no one compares to Kellie-Rae and her team at TMH Business Consulting! I hired Kellie-Rae for help in the financial scope of things but quickly realized she and the team have so much knowledge on SEO, financing, branding and leadership... thank you TMH Business Coaching for helping us reach new goals and improve leadership personally and professionally!"

- David F.

“Kelli-Rae is a leader in the industry. Her attention to detail, business intellect and intuition without a doubt separates her from any other business coach. She has an innate desire to personalize her approach and plan of action based on her clients needs and company mission. Her experience and diverse business knowledge makes TMH the best choice period.”

- Erin K.

“Kelli-Rae is an incredibly down to earth person who cares more about helping people than profit. She has a wealth of knowledge on business, personal development and general well being. She is a fantastic business coach and I am very pleased to have met her.”

- Jeff M.

“Kelli-rae has helped us reach a potential that we knew was possible but didn't know how to achieve. And now we have surpassed what we thought was possible.”

- Shawn H.

“Kelli Rae is absolutely wonderful to work with! Her passion, knowledge and guidance towards helping business owners is outstanding. She has helped changed my mind set in all ways. She helps reach your goals and is there every step of the way. I feel so positive after every meeting with her. I can’t say enough good things about Kelli! Would definitely recommend her.”

- Erica T.