Business Accelerator Program

The Path to More Profit, Freedom and Joy

Dear Business Owner,

As I am sure you know by now, I’m Kelli-Rae Tamaki, and I help business owners master their marketing, financials and leadership so they can have more profit, joy, freedom and the businesses they’ve always dreamed of!

Have you ever struggled to motivate your team, struggled with cash flow, or felt lost about how to effectively market your business? You are definitely not alone! Twenty years ago I had those same struggles, I was a terrible leader and didn’t have a secure grasp of the marketing and financials for the companies I managed. In fact, I wasn’t very happy about my life overall. This led to some seminal personal development, during which I realized IT DIDN’T HAVE TO BE THAT WAY! Life, and business, could be whatever I wanted it to be. 

 Since then, I have earned my MBA, attended hundreds of workshops with the industry’s top leaders in marketing, sales, leadership and financial mastery, read hundreds of books, ran several businesses and coached hundreds of business owners — all with great success. Every one of these experiences and achievements have come together to make me the best-reviewed business coach in the country. Our clients get results! 

My businesses are producing more profit than ever and I have more freedom to do the things I love both in and out of business. My greatest joy, however, is seeing my team happy! A well-led, systemized, profitable business with happy employees isn’t just my result, this is the result for the business owners I’ve worked with too! 

I desperately want to share my gifts and our effective business strategies with more and more business owners, like you, so that you can get these results too. Sadly, I only have so much time. This is why my team and I have developed the Business Accelerator Program. In this 16-week program we teach clients to:

  • Understand then master their financials and how to increase their profit. 
  • Lead an inspired, happy, fulfilled, and goal-crushing team.
  • Make data-driven, ROI-increasing marketing and sales decisions. 
  • Systemize their business so that it becomes an asset that makes them money, instead of causing them stress.

This may seem like a lot, but the Business Accelerator Program is broken into three pillars: financials, leadership and marketing. Each pillar has instructive videos, templates, and resources that I’ve been tweaking over the past two decades to create the most straightforward, applicable, impactful material. PLUS, it’s the same material that my Platinum one-on-one clients receive. PLUS, PLUS, you get to learn alongside fellow business leaders in our VIP Facebook group, where you’ll have access to myself and my team Monday through Friday to ask questions, participate in live training, AND you cast the vote to choose the topics for those live trainings! PLUS, PLUS, PLUS, you’ll get to chat with me one-on-one at the beginning of the program so we can create a customized strategic path through the platform and materials for you!!

I want you to walk into your business with a smile on your face. I want your amazing team to work for you for the rest of their lives, and to be filled with joy every day. I want you to feel confident in your marketing and financial skills. I want you to have the freedom to take days off and spend more time with family and friends. I want you to be more profitable, free and incredibly wealthy! I KNOW my team and I can make ALL of this happen for you, through the Business Accelerator Program! This is not like other programs because I’m not like other coaches. My education, expertise, experience and consistent results set me apart from other ‘online business coaches’. The program is unique as it is customized for you during your launch session with me, it allows you to interact with like-minded entrepreneurs in our VIP community, and participate in live training with me and my team of experts.  We found a way to provide the same learning and results that our Platinum one-on-one coaching clients get, but at a fraction of the cost.

I have spent twenty years developing and improving these strategies and systems. Our program works. It works in every business, for every business owner and it will work for you. I want to save you the trouble and the twenty years it took me to realize my dream life and businesses. That is why we created the Business Accelerator Program. I am confident it is the most effective business coaching program in the world, based on the AMAZING results we are getting. You’d think with all of these resources, and after all of the time I spent, I’d be charging at least $20,000 for this program. The truth is, I should be! When you do the work you will make WAY more money than you pay us. And it’s not just during the program, it’s forever. Each small task you complete will add up to exponentially improved results over time. Many happy business owners report net profit increases of 800% or more! AND THEY DON’T HAVE TO WORK AT ALL! The business does this without them once it’s systemized the way we teach you! And here’s the best part: You can do this from the comfort of your home office, living room, or favourite place to make magic. All you need is a computer and the internet. Don’t waste another day frustrated with your business, guessing at what to do with your staff, hoping and praying to please your clients and make a profit this year. Just join us, and let us help you have the most amazing, profitable and JOYFUL year of your life! Change your business now!

 Act now because when you sign up today, you will receive our Effective Marketing Plan Workshop (value $497) for FREE; this course will take you step by step through creating your very own marketing plan. This is a fundamental piece of becoming a marketing master. AND I will be throwing in my 4 Steps to Increase Your Revenue course (value $97), which goes over four quick ways to increase revenue without spending a cent; you can start making more immediately after watching.

On top of this amazing program and amazing bonus offers, there’s no risk! If you buy the Business Accelerator Program, show us that you implement our strategies and tools, and after 30 days still don’t feel you’ll at the very least make your money back, then we will give you a FULL refund.

You are so close to having the business of your dreams and I know we can help you get there. Just picture the relief you’ll feel when your business is running well (with or without you being there), producing insane profit, and making so many people happy. 

Join the Business Accelerator Program now to gain access to your online learning portal full of marketing, leadership and financial mastery strategies, a chance to connect with Kelli-Rae and other experts live every week in the TMH VIP community, PLUS our two bonus courses, the Effective Marketing Plan Workshop and 4 Steps to Increase Your Revenue. Remember in just a couple days this offer will be GONE! If you’re still not convinced check out the testimonials below, then join us!

With gratitude,


Remember, Business Can Be Better™ and it should be!

Hear From Business Owners We've Helped

"When it comes to business coaching there are so many business's and people you can choose from but nothing and no one compares to Kellie-Rae and her team at TMH Business Consulting! Kellie-Rae doesn't only provide coaching but she provides great mentorship. I hired Kellie-Rae for help in the financial scope of things but quickly realized she and the team have so much knowledge on SEO, financing, branding and leadership. These are only a few core things that are needed for a successful business...Thank you TMH Business Coaching for helping us reach new goals and improve leadership personally and professionally!"

- David F.

"TMH Business Coaching is one of the key reasons my company is in operation right now. Kelli-Rae has done an outstanding job of guiding me in the right direction make make my company healthy and successful!"

- Jim

"Truthfully I don't even know where to begin to describe how grateful I am for Kelli-Rae and the TMH business team. She is so much more than a business coach. In just a few short months I truly feel like my business has been transformed. I am finally feeling like a real business owner, confident in the areas I've struggle with for years like actually creating a financial plan and creating systems that have massively helped streamline my work and save me time so I can focus on where I can truly have the most impact for my community. To Kelli-Rae and the whole TMH team, thank you for always going above and beyond, it is appreciated more than you know!"

- Lindsay P.

"What an amazing experience to work with Kelli-Rae! She is so incredibly knowledgeable and passionate in her field. She has helped us grow personally and in our business. Learning the inner workings of business and applying them to everyday actions."

- Dave H.