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How to Choose Between 1 Million Priorities

We are living in the most amazing times. There is SO MUCH INFORMATION out there. But WHAT do we do first? Setting priorities when there is such a flood of information out there to wade through is a scary task. There are two main concepts I recommend when deciding what...

Maybe You Should Quit — Connecting To Your WHY

Do you sometimes feel like quitting? I see many business owners who are painfully DRAGGING themselves through their day. They have no passion! They are NOT LIT UP!! It breaks my heart. The way I see it, you have two options at this point. When I work...

10 Free, Easy Tips To Boost Your SEO

Many businesses these days depend on their internet presence as a key part of their marketing strategy. But your online presence is only as good as people's ability to find you. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the key to making that happen! SEO can be a...

If It’s Not Win-Win, You LOSE!

WIN-WIN must be a focus for you. "WIN-WIN" – It sounds nice! It's a good concept! You've heard of it before – I'm sure! It's not just a concept and it's not just for others, you need to make it part of your overall strategy! You must keep WIN-WIN in mind when making...

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