5 Reasons To Do the Right Thing in Business

There are a number of great reasons to keep doing what you know is the right thing to do, even when it’s hard. Here are my 5 reasons to do the right thing in business even when others don’t.

1. Because it feels good to do the right thing

You will not feel good if you retaliate, bad mouth someone, or do anything otherwise negative. You WILL feel good if you do the right thing: stay positive, focus on something else, continue to be who you are, and treat people with kindness and compassion.

2. Because it’s the RIGHT thing to do!

You can rationalize all you want, but no matter how badly you’ve been treated, it’s not RIGHT to treat anyone else badly, in return! The right thing to do, doesn’t change according to your situation, it’s always to treat people with kindness and compassion, and to stick to your values and mission.

3. Because it WORKS! What goes around comes around

This might be the most convincing argument, and that’s ok, because this is one of the most convincing reasons I have for almost everything I teach my clients – THIS STUFF WORKS! Doing the right thing, sticking to your values and your mission, and treating others with kindness and compassion WILL benefit you, BEYOND just feeling good – maybe not in that exact moment, but definitely some time in your life, and in much bigger ways that you can imagine. The energy you put out, and the way you show up, will be returned to you and your business, guaranteed. So do the right thing – it works!

4. Because you can only control or change yourself

If you’re anything like me, you may learn this lesson OVER and OVER again for the rest of your life. But that’s ok, it’s a great lesson! You can ONLY CHANGE YOURSELF. So don’t even try to change someone else, because you will only become frustrated! Change your paradigm, change your outlook, or change the way YOU’RE showing up, and know that that is all you can do! Also know, that…..

5. Others magically change when you change!

MagicI can’t tell you how many times I have empowered a client by teaching them to CHANGE THEMSELVES to get better results from their team, and they’ve come back to me saying “it’s like magic! He’s so much better! I can’t believe it!” This is a direct result of the client being better, which inspired a different set of circumstances and behavior from the employee. The ONLY possible way to ever have anyone else change their behavior, is to change yours first, and hope to inspire the other person to change or show up in a new way. If you stick to constantly asking yourself “how can I be better?” you will be blown away by how much “others change”.

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Kelli-Rae Tamaki

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