4 Morning Rituals to Help You Succeed

My morning routine is pretty simple, and it only takes about 15 minutes. As an entrepreneur, and entrepreneur coach, I’ve seen firsthand the power of morning routines. If I don’t do it (this is VERY RARE), I end up having a much tougher day, and a hard time staying positive, energized and upbeat. I also find that less great things happen that day… I tend to notice what’s wrong, not what’s right, and life doesn’t deliver any incredible surprises…. but on the mornings (almost every single morning of the last 15 years) I have done some version of the following routine, and my LIFE HAS BEEN AMAZING. Great things happen, amazing people come into my life, the best opportunities present themselves, and life just seems magical. Trust me. Get control of your life and your business FIRST THING IN THE MORNING. Don’t leave your success to chance!

1. Move

I don’t care if you’re a fitness expert, a professional dancer, or just someone who likes to jump on a trampoline… GET MOVING when you wake up!! Do some jumping jacks, push ups, sit ups, or my personal favourite – dance around like a kid to some super awesome music. I don’t care if you feel silly. You need to move and have fun doing it!

2. Sunlight

I don’t know about you, but I am MUCH SADDER when there is no sun! I bought myself a very affordable little “happy light” on Amazon, and I put this on first thing if I can’t open the curtains to some brilliant natural sunshine. Spend at least a few minutes in the light; for me, I find it convenient to do the light-experiencing while I’m doing my writing (a nice segue into the next part…..)

3. Writing out Your Intention for the Day

This can be as simple as “I intend to be kind today”. Just write it down, and remember it throughout the day. You will make choices that help you be that kind person that you want to be.

4. Write Out Your Daily Goals

If you’re going to skip any part of this morning routine, please please please don’t skip this one! Writing out your top 3-5 goals, every single morning, helps you make smarter micro-decisions all day long. You will be subconsciously moving towards your goals constantly if you write them down every day. This has worked so well for me it is unbelievable. I have never given up on a goal since I started this exercise, and I have achieved every one I ever set! I know it has to do with this morning ritual!

Small Pains, HUGE Gains

For your personal morning routine, I definitely recommend the things I talked about above, but you should also add in any quotes, affirmations, or verses you find that truly inspire you, or make you feel good. The key to a good morning routine is to be consistent! Never miss that morning routine! It’s just a few minutes, so set your alarm a few minutes earlier, and experience LOTS of awesome results because of it!! Small pains, HUGE gains!

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