3 Tips to Improve Your Attitude and Better Your Business Results

Your attitude ultimately determines your results in business and so, you should be doing all you can to maintain a positive, upbeat attitude, especially around your employees. Check out these tips on how to foster a better attitude in your business and improve your business reults:

1. Team Morale

If you feel like your team is “blah” or negative, or unproductive, ask yourself “how am I showing up for them?” You should also ask yourself (and the team) “how can I be better, in order to help you be better?” Every single time, there is SOMETHING you can do to help your team feel better, and perform better. You will be blown away by some of the wake you’re leaving with the way you show up for people. Find it out and clean it up!

2. Client Satisfaction

You may think that unhappy clients are a result of less than perfect customer service, and you may be right. But if you look a bit deeper you will see that your customer service suffers when employee attitudes suffer, and GUESS WHO sets the tone for employee attitudes?! YOU DO!! Role model the positivity, problem-solver, optimism-focused employee you want them to be! Treat them the way you want them to treat your customers! After all, your team takes care of your clients, so you’d better take good care of them 🙂

3. You may feel as though you’re not earning enough money

If that is the case for you, I guarantee you can increase your profitability and income with a better attitude. In fact, just talking about, complaining about, or commiserating about your lack of money will cause you to repel positive situations, opportunities and people who would have increased your profit and income. For example, people who are constantly complaining (about money for example) are not fun to be around. This means the greatest staff will either not join you, or if they do, they will quit, or at least be less productive, because of your poor attitude.


YOU determine your attitude. You decide what to think about, and therefore how to feel. You decide what to look for: flaws or greatness, and in doing so, will be given more of that. If you’re negative, frustrated, grumpy, or worried about money – DO SOMETHING TO CHANGE YOUR PARADIGM. Read a great book, watch videos about it, go to a coach or a counsellor, or simply just DECIDE to focus on 1. what you’re grateful for 2. what you’re excited about and 3. the things that make you feel happy! Your improved energy and attitude are sure to lift up the people around you, which will help to create all of the other results you’re looking for. Remember, you can only change yourself, and in doing so hope to inspire others. This is really the only option you’ve got! Decide to have a better attitude today! Right now!

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Business can be better™ and it should be!

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Kelli-Rae Tamaki

Kelli-Rae is truly passionate about successful business, and believes it can always be better, which is why she has spent 22 years studying, running, coaching and consulting with businesses, just like yours.
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