3 Simple Steps to Convert More Leads

You worked so hard to get your marketing plan going, now let’s make sure those leads you get CONVERT into clients! Here are 3 Simple steps to convert more leads:

1. Draw out the path

Get some big paper, put it on the wall, and draw your customer path. It should look sort of like a flow chart, with clear steps for each stage of the process. Most peoples’ will include something like this, but there are probably many more steps (for example at least 5 follow up steps)… think carefully so we don’t miss any. Any step that we leave out could be a massive hole where we’re losing potential clients!

1. First inquiry & conversation & TRACKING OF LEAD

2. Follow up conversation

3. Potential client signs up

2. Watch out for ‘fumbles’

By noticing each spot we could potentially “fumble” a lead we can create a process that prevents a fumble! So, for instance, we need an AWESOME process/procedure (same thing) for the first time someone inquires into our business. Write out the steps exactly how you want your team members to handle this step – and train them on it.

3. Systemize it

Make sure it’s on a job description and in a calendar, and that it’s being done consistently. Every single potential client should have the same experience, at the same step. The only way for this to happen, and the only way for you to maximize your conversion is to make sure it happens every time, by systemizing it. Systemizing simply means 1. get it on a job description and train the person on it 2. get it in that person’s calendar 3. check to make sure it’s happening.

Convert more leads!

I know it might be overwhelming at first when you see all of the possible places we could “mess up” and lose a potential client, but step by step, you’ll create a (or improve on an existing) procedure that ensures the highest possibility of conversion, and bit by bit, your sales will increase! The more you do, the sooner you do them, the faster there are more clients and more money in your business! And remember, if you’re converting less than 100% of leads, you’re leaving money on the table!

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Business can be better™ and it should be!

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