3 Reasons You Must Take Breaks

Many of us (myself included) are guilty of working long hours without proper breaks throughout the day. We may be diving into one project, or rushing back and forth between several tasks, but either way, we’re accomplishing a lot less than we could.

Somehow, along the way, it became like a badge of honor to be “super-busy” and “super-stressed.” How many people answer the question “how have you been?” with “oh busy, you?” It is not cool, productive, or healthy to be busy and stressed all the time. We need to take breaks.

Here are three of the best reasons for taking breaks:

1. Science-backed studies indicate that working on something for 50-60 minutes (and then taking a break) is more effective than plugging away for longer periods.

2. You need to MOVE your body! You are not meant to sit in a chair, at a desk, for long periods of time. Get up once per hour and dance around, shake your body out, or go for a walk. Your body will thank you; you’ll increase circulation, heart health, and peace of mind. And in addition to becoming more productive, you’ll also be happier AND smarter!

Get out of the office and take a walk to stay productive!

3. Taking a break (a real break, which means you allow yourself to shut off) will help you to have creative ideas, and solve problems that seem impossible. My best ideas come to me when I’m running or walking (when I have no computer or pen). In fact, this post was written just after I got home from a walk! You’ll be surprised what amazing solutions and ideas come to you when you allow yourself to take a break.

I want you to STOP feeling guilty about taking breaks. In fact, you should feel guilty about NOT taking breaks!

So let’s create a new “cool” way of working: take your breaks! You will be more efficient, productive, healthy and HAPPY. And next time someone asks you how you are, try saying “productive” instead of “busy.”


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Kelli-Rae Tamaki

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