2 Business Partners, 2 Completely Different Perspectives

When I ask two business partners (in the same business) the same question, I almost always get two different answers. And one of them always has a more effective way of looking at things.

I often email my clients and ask them “how are things going?” or “how is business this week?” or “how are the staff this week?” and I almost always get very different answers from each partner. This happened several times last week, and I realized there was a valuable lesson there for us:

Some people notice the good, and some people notice the bad – EVEN IN THE EXACT SAME SITUATION. 

So what? Three things:

1. The people who are noticing and looking for the good, are creating more good for themselves, and their business. Clients, staff, and other stakeholders in your business will be attracted to effective leaders (the ones noticing the good in people and situations), and great results come to those leaders and their teams.

2. The people who are noticing and looking for the bad, are creating more bad for themselves, and their business. When leaders focus on what’s wrong, what needs to be improved, and other (not positive) things, staff respond poorly, often performing badly and providing even more bad things to be observed. When your staff respond poorly, it directly affects your customers’ experience and your bottom line.

3. When looking at the EXACT SAME BUSINESS, the EXACT SAME SITUATION, you can see two VERY DIFFERENT THINGS. Choose well. 

We have TOOLS to deal with bad things! Policies, procedures, job descriptions, KPIs, mission, vision and culture statements are all tools we create and use to help us solve those bad things.
Be Positive

YOU, as the leader, need to FOCUS ON THE GOOD THINGS and help your team, clients and anyone else involved in your business to bring more good things!!

Thank you for being one of the rare and special business owners who takes time to improve your leadership. You are truly special! HAVE AN INCREDIBLE WEEK!


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Business can be better™ and it should be!

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Kelli-Rae Tamaki

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