What You’re Doing That’s DESTROYING Your Productivity

You are probably being bombarded constantly by notifications.

Between your phone, your computer and possibly a tablet or a smartwatch, you’re probably at the mercy of different types and sources of notifications. All. Day. Long. This is not good for your bottom line!!!

I made the switch to NO NOTIFICATIONS about three years ago and it has been INCREDIBLE for my productivity, my effectiveness, and my business. Here’s why:

1. Your concentration (and productivity) are broken every time you hear a ding/ping/buzz/vibrate/etc.

It takes an average of 23 minutes, 15 seconds to get back to the level of productivity that you were at pre-notification. Now for many of you, that’s probably happening a lot more often than every 20 minutes, so you’re probably NEVER WORKING AT YOUR PEAK PRODUCTIVITY!!!!!

2. Being at the mercy of an electronic device is just demeaning and sad!

Think about it: every time your little phone/computer/watch/iPad makes a noise, you’re virtually coming running like a really attentive and super subservient butler. Do you know what subservient means? It means “prepared to obey others unquestioningly.” Doesn’t that seem a bit sad and pathetic?!

You are a BOSS! You are a BUSINESS OWNER! You are a LEADER!!!

You need to take control of your productivity and DECIDE WHEN YOU WILL LOOK AT THOSE NOTIFICATIONS!!!

When you respond by saying “yes notification, I will look at you right now, right away notification, yessir notification,” you are not only breaking your concentration and productivity, but you are decreasing your sense of self-control and self-worth. Your time is much more important than responding to a Facebook like, reading a text from someone, or checking out the latest junk email you received RIGHT THIS MINUTE.

3. It causes stress, anxiety and overwhelms.

I don’t think I need to elaborate on this anymore. If you have devices, you know the feeling of having an in-real-life deadline, having a phone ring, having your cell phone buzz, having your facebook DING, and having someone walk into your office (because you left the door open) all at once. It does NOT feel good.

Here’s how to fix it:


I mean ALL notifications. You should not know if you have a missed text, email, phone call, or any other notification unless you DECIDE to go and look in that app. For example, there is never an alluring, addictive, dopamine-inducing red balloon over my text messages app. However, when I CHOOSE to look, during my scheduled time, the texts are magically still there (even though I didn’t look at them the second they came in!)

2. Schedule your notification-checking.

Checking your emails, texts and voicemails are important! Everything important must be scheduled! Most of my clients do this three times a day: morning, lunch and the end of the day. During those time blocks, you can return or respond to any communication you received. You can even check how many people liked your new facebook profile pic if you want!

“But I have children!”

I know that many of you are parents, and trust me, I absolutely SALUTE you for that. Parenting is one thing in life that I decided I could not do. It just seems too hard for me!

Parents, you are amazing people, and I absolutely adore your hard work, dedication, and commitment to those beautiful children you have. That said, you are not allowed to use them as an excuse to keep your notifications on.

You are very intelligent, and you can come up with another system for your children to access you in case of emergency, I know it. I know it because thousands of other business owners just like you have done it with me.

One great example of a system for your kids:

Give your spouse or babysitter the front desk number, or another number that will always be answered. Have the front desk employee come and get you immediately if they call with an emergency.

So, now that you know you could be a lot more productive and profitable, I challenge you to do the NO NOTIFICATION CHALLENGE, for one month. You will be absolutely BLOWN away by your results!!! If you’re still wary, try it for two hours per day. You will still be happily surprised, I promise.

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Business can be better™ and it should be!

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Kelli-Rae Tamaki

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