No one is successful alone.

Below are the amazing, strong, talented, and passionate people that make TMH Business Coaching what it is.

Tara Thibault

Kelli Rae may be the “head coach” and “founder” but Tara makes this successful business what it is. She takes amazing care of the staff, clients and Kelli Rae. We are incredibly grateful to have her running the show.

Amelia Sugimoto

Amelia has great attention to detail, and works hard to go above and beyond, always taking the initiative to take assignments one step further and think of things we haven’t. Amelia works hard behind the scenes to ensure clients have what they need, for online education.

Carly Frew

Hard working, dedicated, loyal, and dependable, Carly gets things done on time, in time, every time, because that’s just who she is. She is authentic, trustworthy, and beautiful inside and out! We are so lucky to have her on the team.

Jim Flannery

Did you know this website has over 12,000 words? Jim has edited each and every one of them. He makes sure our readers get the very best information possible, in order to help them succeed in their business. He takes Kelli Rae’s creative ramblings and makes them great reading material!

Tim Hachkowski

Our online marketing guru. Tim keeps our website going strong with his creativity and innovation!


The most wonderful office greeter, kind, gentle, loving, and loves belly rubs. She keeps office morale high!

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