The Only Three Reports You Need Each Month

There are only three reports you need each month to make sure you’re running a profitable, successful, and happy-employee-filled business!

For a little bit different perspective on which reports are most important, here is an article on business reports, which discusses five reports you should run. This has some overlap with what I think you need, but I’m going to talk about these three:

Financial Statement

The first report is your financial statement(s). Compare your income statement to your goals for that month. How did you do? Why? Go to work on the part of your business that you need to improve to hit your goals next month.

Marketing Report

The second is your marketing report. How are your marketing efforts working? Are you making a good return on your investment (this means time spent as well as money)? Use your analysis to make changes for the following months.

Leadership/People Report

The third is your leadership or people report. You need to know if your people are:

  1. Happy, and
  2. Achieving their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

If you have these three reports coming to you each month, and are able to look at your financial, marketing, and team goals, you will have an excellent handle on the three pillars.

I also have available a 10 Minute Scorecard to help you not feel overwhelmed by tracking your company’s progress – video with link:

I hope this week is wonderful for you.


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