How to Motivate Your Team Effectively

Clear role and goals makes for a happy team

Have you ever felt like your team lacked motivation? You’re probably right, because most employees do! But don’t despair, you can turn them around with your leadership tools on how to motivate your team effectively. As business owners, we have all gone through times where we wonder, “Does this employee really give two craps about…

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Tips for a positive mindset at work


If you’re not thrilled with your business right now, I have a real gem to offer you this week: Your business is a reflection of you, your feelings, your beliefs, your actions, and your self-image! And the good news is, these things are not permanent — they shift and change. So some days your business…

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VIP LIVE: Organized Leadership

Join Kelli-Rae and team for these regularly scheduled live calls with the TMH VIP Group! This week Kelli-Rae will look at Organized Leadership! For members only! Not in the VIP Group? Join today! 

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