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Control Your Focus (aka The Voice in Your Head)

I want to draw your attention today to that voice in your head... If you're thinking right now "Kelli-Rae is crazy, I have no voice in my head!" that IS the voice talking! One of the most impactful habits the top performers in the world have figured out, is to control...

Why Isn’t Your Profit Higher? Let Me Tell You!

You're a business owner. You take significant risks every day. Your REWARD (your profit) must be worth it. Being a business owner isn't easy. It's not always fun. It's an unsuccessful endeavour 96 percent of the time (isn't that a scary statistic?). Our purpose in...

How to LOVE Sales and Have Your Customers Love It Too

There is lots of advice out there on how to earn sales and how to manage your customer service. At TMH Business Coaching, we have only three rules. Follow these rules to make your experience more enjoyable, ethical, and to earn the trust of your customers! Be...

Marketing Part 3: Putting Your Plan in Action!

In Part 1 of our Marketing series, we talked about identifying your customers. In Part 2, we talked about your company's strengths, weaknesses, and your competitors. With all that information gathered, now it's time to create some marketing tools! 30-Second...

The Power of Culture and Promises

To gain credibility and earn the most number of customers, you need to make a promise of quality to them and then stick to that promise. But this strategy will not work if your culture is in trouble.... So be sure you have worked on your culture prior to implementing...

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