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How to “Lock It In” To Maximize Your Learning

You can learn how to improve your marketing and sales, get awesome results from your team, achieve great results in your business and your financials, but if you don't SYSTEMIZE THE THINGS YOU LEARN, your awesome results won't last.Let's talk about how you can "Lock...

The One Question to Eliminate Advertising Expenses…Forever!

Tony Robbins asked us a VERY POWERFUL question during one of his Business Mastery classes in Amsterdam. He asked, "what would you do differently in your business if the only way you could get new clients was through referrals?" BOOM! What a question! What an amazing...

4 Morning Rituals to Help You Succeed

My morning routine is pretty simple, and it only takes about 15 minutes. If I don't do it (this is VERY RARE), I end up having a much tougher day, and a hard time staying positive, energized and upbeat. I also find that less great things happen that day... I tend to...

Courageous Leadership is Impossible Without Vulnerability

Leadership is about courage - which, as author Brene Brown points out - is not possible without vulnerability. Here are a few of my favourite ways to get courageous and vulnerable (and more effective as a leader!):1. Give up trying to know all of the answersMany of us...

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