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What One Thing Do You Need To STOP Or START Doing?

If you're truly honest with yourself, you know that there is something you ARE doing or something you AREN'T doing, that is somehow holding you back - in life and in business. Because your business is such a reflection of YOU, this one thing is not only affecting you...

Breakthroughs In Business Are COMPLETELY In Your Control.

Please read this blog with all of the LOVE, RESPECT and ADMIRATION I am pouring into it. I care so much about your success, and I am so very passionate about you understanding this, the most important concept in leadership. Please read on, with an OPEN MIND, knowing...

3 Simple Steps to Convert More Leads

You worked so hard to get your marketing plan going, now let's make sure those leads you get CONVERT into clients! Here are 3 Simple steps to convert more leads:1. Draw out the pathGet some big paper, put it on the wall, and draw your customer path. It should look...

How to Create Your Most Magnificent Mission Statement

Here are my 4 rules for creating & maximizing your MOST MAGNIFICENT MISSION statement...1. Make it simple, clear, concise and SHORTHere's how to do it: use big white paper or a white board, and make 3 sections: what, how and why. Under each section, give yourself...

5 Ways to Dramatically Increase Your Profit

1. Capture Data on Leads & Clients (referral sources) Where did leads hear about your business? (Radio, Television, Facebook, Instagram, Phonebook, Referral, etc). Make sure your team knows this is the most VITAL marketing data and they MUST capture it, for every...

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