How to Lead Your Team Successfully Through Change

Work with your team to inspire them

Did you know that in business, 84% of change initiatives fail? That is a high failure rate. Change can be a stressful process for many employees, can hurt morale, and impact productivity negatively – IF it isn’t done right! Let us help you lead your team successfully through change! TO LEAD SUCCESSFULLY THROUGH CHANGE, YOUR…

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the one thing that changes everything

Are you tired of walking around frustrated and blaming everyone else for your problems? Are you truly taking accountability for your life? Do you sit idle and wait and wish for something or someone to come along and change it all for you? Well, what if I told you that I knew the ONE THING…

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Why we are successful in business

Marketing is just one part of an effective business

One of my awesome team members asked me the other day, “Why are we so successful in business when other places are having a hard time?” The short answer I gave him was that we are successful in business because of two underlying ideas: A) our people are AMAZING, and B) we measure, analyze and…

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Maximizing Retail Sales: Strategies for Success in a Multi-faceted Business


When it comes to maximizing retail sales, it’s common to face challenges in optimizing staff commissions, implementing effective shelf display strategies, and motivating your staff to actively engage. These 3 areas are important aspects for increasing sales and creating a positive customer experience. The following information will be particularly helpful if retail sales are one…

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Leadership Rules To Remember: Part 3 of 3

Leadership - Hot Air Balloon

If you missed part 1 or part 2 of this series, check them out here: Leadership Rules To Remember: Part 1 of 3 Leadership Rules To Remember: Part 2 of 3 1. Lead the change, and be EXCITED about it In a world that’s constantly changing, the best way to lead your team through change…

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Want to love your business? You need to find, hire, and retain the best people with this hiring process!

hiring process

Frustrated with your business lately? Wishing your team cared about your business as much as you do? Working too much and getting paid too little? Chances are your employees are not necessarily the best ones for the job. The reason for this? Your lack-luster hiring process.  Having intelligent, coachable, and quick-learning humans on your team…

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to fire or not to fire

Have you ever struggled with the decision to fire someone? I think we all have. After 22 years of successfully running businesses I’ve got ten things for you to consider that will help you make your decision when you are asking yourself whether to fire or not to fire. It’s time to fire someone, liberate…

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as a leader

Do you ever wonder why your team doesn’t respond to you positively? Or maybe they seem to dislike you? It’s probably because you are doing at least one of the following three things. Things that you should NEVER EVER EVER DO as a leader!!!  AS A LEADER, DO NOT ASSUME!  Remember that silly old saying?…

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Business Owner, Increase Your Profit Using Financial Projections!

more profit with financial projections

Creating annual financial projections, and ensuring you do your monthly analysis properly will help you increase profit in your business and allow you more FREEDOM, GENEROSITY, and JOY in your business and your life. Here’s how to do it! INCREASE YOUR PROFIT BY BUILDING THE BEST BUDGET Let’s get started with your budget spreadsheet. You…

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Dear New Business Owner…

building a business new business owners

Are you finally turning that dream into a reality? Turning that idea on scrap paper into a business? Taking your side hustle to full-blown business mode? What an exciting time in your life! I wrote this blog just for you, new business owner!! Be encouraged! You can do amazing things! New Business Owner, Congratulations! First…

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Get Happy and Feel Good

get happy and feel good then get results

Stop doing it all backwards! GET HAPPY and FEEL GOOD, then the results will follow! Do you ever feel like you’ve been working so hard, for so long, and not getting the results, money, freedom, or happiness you’ve been doing it all for?! I used to feel that way too! I thought working my ass off…

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